The Fellowship of Dove Eyes (Song 1:15)

Blossoms are appearing! The season of songbirds has come, and the cooing of doves is being heard in the land.  Song 2:12

dove1My family used to raise doves.  Just a pair of them, in a cage.  A special trait about them is their loyalty for life, and their focus. When our doves weren’t eating or sleeping they were constantly ‘loving’ on each other. Not just in their affection, preening, etc., but they mated what seemed like around the clock!:) And before they did, you could always count on a cooing dance from the male.  If you’ve ever observed them at birdfeeder stations you have likely heard and seen one singing his song to a female. [see video] Coo-coo-wah-(head bow) and repeat until she is finally receptive to receive him.
I am going to boldly say that this image and the verse above is prophetic, and not just because it is almost Spring. There is a new season that is coming, and now is, that the Bridegroom is wooing His bride to love Him and Him in each other deeply.  This is no longer a generic doctrinal love, nor is it a temporal fleshly love. It is rather the truly loyal, passionate, and life-giving reality that physical marriage is only a shadow of.
Listen for this heavenly song.  Discern who is singing it and who is not.  The song precedes His desired intimacy.  And this intimacy is so powerful that it is going to shake both heaven and earth!

Focus, Vulnerability, and Death

Look at you! How beautiful you are, my darling. Look at you!  You have the eyes of a dove.  Song 1:15

How stricken Solomon is, seeing the Shulamite arrive from her journey, riskily standing before him in the midst of the ‘shepherd’s camp’ with her bright eyes peeking through her veil (i.e. of flesh).  The first thing he saw and valued was her “dove eyes,” not her eagle eyes.  Speaking of this, I noticed at our bird feeders that the dove always seemed to be the last bird to escape trouble. Sometimes a hawk got one. What I discovered is that dove eyes have a remarkably wide scope of vision, but they have a single focal point.  They can only focus on what is in front of them.  And when they do, this makes them vulnerable to enemies.  Perhaps this adds meaning to why a pair of doves was a sacrifice for the poor who could not afford a lamb.¹  This gentle bird focused on love is as much a picture of Jesus Christ, as it is of the Bride suffering the same treatment as her Lord.

No Shadow of Turning

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.  James 1:17

I need to warn any readers here.  It’s no coincidence that what is about to unfold in the Song from this point on is very intimate and very life-giving.  Intimacy must have a loving atmosphere – and a loving look – in order to thrive.
On the other hand if you’ve ever looked into the eyes of suspicion, fear, or disinterest, for example, you know what it looks like to look into a stranger.  That person might be your dearest friend, but if their eyes are shadowed by lies, you feel like prey.  There is no true intimacy in this environment.  Doves ‘see’ each other deeply.  They know who is theirs, and they have a heart to bring each other back into focus.
The fellowship of doves.  It all begins with the eyes.
If the eye is single [like a dove focused on one thing], the whole body [you and the Ekklesia on the earth] is full of light.  But if it be bad, the body will be dark.  In fact if your light is darkness [hypocrisy], how dark that is!  Mat. 6:22-23

¹ Luke 2:24

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  1. The look of Love, is with this purity of heart that is Love from above. Yes spring is approaching, and winter is waining. Love is being expressed in and through His saints, and this Love is indeed through ‘doves eyes’.

    We are seeing the reality of our unity in the heavens being lived out here and now. This profound Love is the most powerful force in all of creation. May we boldly follow Loves lead, His feverant desire…to Love one another as He Loves us.

    Thank you so very much Pamela for your perfect Love!

  2. “Listen for this heavenly song. Discern who is singing it and who is not.”

    Intimacy will always divert the eyes of those who fear it.
    This is so very rich, Pam! Your eyes are definitely single in unwrapping the veil on this song!

  3. Wow! Very powerful, yet vulnerable is His love. I am listening with my heart as well as my ears. The Bridegroom approaches very soon. How I long for HIs sweet embrace.
    Thank you for this Word Pamela. Love is in the air.

  4. How Timely (spring here) as I just got back from bringing Bee’s south to where the ” Blossoms are appearing! ” and yes I have heard “The season of songbirds has come, and the cooing of doves is being heard in the land.” But back to the birds and the bee’s.
    In this Intimate dance of relationship we lead and follow and feel both sides of the beloved and lover relationship and it can be confusing if we see it through our eyes but it becomes crystal clear when we see it though HIS eyes. ” But I am talking about Christ and His Ekklesia”
    I love you betrothed……can you hear me ? Do you see me ?
    Coo-coo-wah-(head bow) Coo-coo-wah-(head bow)

  5. Pamela,

    Stunning, and too beautiful for words. This statement from your post jumped out at me and has many implications for our lives:

    “Listen for this heavenly song.  Discern who is singing it and who is not.  The song precedes His desired intimacy.  And this intimacy is so powerful that it is going to shake both heaven and earth!”

    Thanks for singing this song!

  6. I’d like to share a beautiful quote from a dear brother, Paul Rodgers, that speaks to how I feel about all of your comments (and what we mean to each other).

    “Whatever gift we may have, if we will release the partial (we can only release partially), then the Spirit will carry it with the wind to others who will then release what He has inspired them with in compliment to the first. It’s a beautiful song that is orchestrated in this manner, a praise of intimacy back to the Lord!”

  7. I can relate to this statement: “That person might be your dearest friend, but if their eyes are shadowed by lies about you, you feel like prey.” To experience this is deeply painful, because those whom you have known and loved have become the arrow of grief. This statement “you feel like prey.” perfectly describes this experience, but leaves out the depth of sadness when we lose a friend to the deception of a lie. Lies are usually created for self-preservation — the opposite of humility, if the truth was admitted and known. This lie kills intimacy, intimacy is no longer possible, no matter how much the prey desires it, “Intimacy must have a loving atmosphere.”

    The dove’s eyes are true, focused and loving.

  8. Something very beautiful is being stirred within us. It has little to do with our ability to figure it out & comprehend it & more about His timing of revealing these deep truths to us. What a glorious time to be alive! Until about 2 years ago, i wished i could’ve been born during the time that Jesus walked this earth, longing to see Him with my own eyes. Thinking no other time could ever transcend that time. But Now is so exciting, so enlightening, & more & more pieces to this extraordinary puzzle are falling into place. And the picture that is appearing is greater than i ever imagined! We are one, without separation. Im not sure, well im fairly certain, that i don’t quite understand that statement to the fullest, but it is becoming clearer. When i read your words something deep inside comes alive & becomes crystal clear. You have a beautiful gift, Pamela. A gift of building-up, encouraging & communicating His heart to me. Thank you for sharing His heart. Spring…a time of shaking off that which is no longer serving us, a time of new life, intense growth & much hope. And mating season. Love is in the air!

    • Susan Lavoie on 04/12/2014 at 2:28 pm
    • Reply

    Early on 1st day of Spring I heard the call of a Mourning Dove perched outside my windowsill and shared as my FB status. Shortly thereafter, this article of Pamela’s appeared in the newsfeed with the word ..”Reposting, and refocusing, on today, the first day of Spring…”

    A couple of hours pass ….and I hear within my spirit; ‘Are you not waiting .. anticipating My return?’ As other words flow, I began to write. Then, to my surprise I hear the same Mourning Dove (who had been silent) begin to ‘coo’ as if the Lord was calling to me again, which prompted the last two lines.

    When I heard the first line it came with a melody. Is this a poem or song? Not sure. Regardless, it is a treasure to me…..

    Are you not waiting … anticipating My return?

    Like the call of the Mourning Dove
    My call for you to return to First Love will increase
    As you cease giving your love to the things that attempt to fill the yearning inside.

    When the fire of my Presence came to purify
    You misunderstood.

    What you thought was true began to melt like wax in the furnace of affliction.
    And exposed the lies you had learned so well.
    Being “hedged in” … only served to keep you bound.

    I send it again … the call of the Mourning Dove.

    A reminder that I AM calling you to return … and remain.

    1. Hi Susan! I was hoping you would share this poem here:) Thank you ever so much, and for your beautiful heart.

        • Susan Lavoie on 04/23/2014 at 12:49 pm
        • Reply

        Grateful to you and for you :)

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