The Great “Com PASSION” (Song 1:3)

“…Therefore the virgins love you”, Song 1:3

The Song of Songs is arranged like scenes in a drama, with three main speakers.  It’s hard to know who is speaking at times, but there are clues within the original language that help.  We hear King Solomon (the “Beloved”), the Shulamite (The Bride), and a “chorus” group called the Daughters of Jerusalem, which I believe are the same as the “young virgins” (or young women in some translations).  It is these “other women” that I’m thinking about today.  For right at the beginning of the Song, and throughout, they are being wooed and attracted to the Bride’s Beloved!  How?
Here is a breakdown of the first 4 verses from the NKJV…


2 Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth- For your love is better than wine.

3 Because of the fragrance of your good ointments, Your name is ointment poured forth; Therefore the virgins love you.¹

4 Draw me away!


We will run after you.¹


The king has brought me into his chambers


We will be glad and rejoice in you².  We will remember your love¹ more than wine.

THE SHULAMITE (to the Beloved)

Rightly do they (the virgins/daughters of Jersusalem) love you.¹

Notice the end of verse 3, “Therefore the virgins love you.”  ‘Therefore’ is a connecting word.  To what?

In a previous post about the first part of verse 3 we pointed to the fragrant “anointing” oil of Jesus Christ, who is our Beloved King.  And the intimate union of being in Him and He in us is how we become the aroma of Christ to the world, 2 Cor.2:15.  A knowledge of His Name is poured forth through our testimony of how we are to one another.  As a result, those who have a hunger and thirst for divine romance are attracted and drawn to Christ.  “Therefore the virgins love you.”  We don’t even have to say anything.  It is a beauty beyond words.
Who are these young women?

As it was the custom, queens had attendant young women who were both friends, and sometimes “children” to her.  “Bridesmaids” of sorts, beyond the wedding.  They attended to her, and in exchanged she taught them about true love, and they looked up to her.

“By looking at them, the younger women will know how to love their husbands and children,” Titus 2:4 MSG

But behind the shadow of the relationship in the Song, there is but one Husband/Beloved, and all are being drawn to Him.
reaching handsWin the world, or woo the world?

I once spent several years in my 20’s in a very bad slump.  I wore a plain brown dress and didn’t wear any makeup or put jam on my toast.  I walked around feeling the weight of the whole world was on my shoulders, and if I didn’t warn literally everyone I passed on the street they would all be doomed forever.

But then entered Jesus.  Telling me that I didn’t have to save the world.  He already came to accomplish that.  What relief!  And then He outstretched His hand saying, “follow Me into My rest.” Enter into relationship and stay here until I impart unto you My own Life.  Cease from your own strivings, and trust Me to fill you. “The King has brought me into His chambers.”

It is exactly here in this intimate place of submission that we can’t help but be filled, then “run over” with this great Love.  As a result, Christ is formed in us! The glow of spiritual pregnancy causes desolate wombs to leap.  Those that desire romance cry,

“We feel hope and joy in your presence, O Bride of Christ.
We are impacted by your love, O Beloved, more than our wine.”
(interpretation of verse 4)
As it is, if we have been in religion for very long we have heard of the “Great Commission” of Jesus to evangelize the world.  But what kingdom are we spreading when we pull out a law book on the matter?  The Kingdom of God is an intimate kingdom.  It is spread by inner life exchanges.³  In fact, I really like how how a brother worded it, let’s enter into the “Great Com PASSION!”


In the Hebrew: ¹ Masculine singular /  ² Feminine singular / ³ Romans 14:17

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  1. Wow, I just finished writing a new blog I will post for tomorrow. It is about compassion and empathy. Your blog is a great confirmation to me. To love and to be loved is what it is all about. Thanks for sharing Pam!

    1. Thank you for reading, Christopher. I will check out your article sometime. :-)

  2. I used to live in Matt 28:18 myself and Now I live in John 17;21 WOW What a differance and draws and attracts more lovers of God than ALL the evangelism I did for years ! :-D

    1. The transformation is very becoming, Vinny :-) And thank YOU for the “com PASSION” quote. Some things, and some people, one just never forgets :-)

  3. What comes to my mind when reading your blessed words here is the parable of the ten virgins and the wedding feast of the lamb (Matth. 25:1-13)
    Though the Lord doesn’t mention the bride here it is obvious the ‘Bride’ doesn’t need to be afraid of running out of oil at all! She’s fully aflame with burning love. Oh, no, she won’t fall asleep, her day of days approaching so quickly!
    But Jesus shows that the virgins have the need of ‘the right influence’ (to handle their lives and love wisely) on them so they won’t miss the event in the end.
    As you pointed out, ‘the Bride’ will have this influence on them so their lamps (lives) will be filled with oil (Love and the Holy Spirit) and will burn with love when He comes.
    The only thing to impress Him with is a burning lamp fully ablaze in all-consuming love (Re. 2:4+5)

    1. Enlightening comment Markus! I once read an article from a dear saint, Lynette Woods on this subject of the parables, the 10 virgins being one of them, bringing out the quiet, peaceful, behind the scenes characters that are often not thought about. Thank you so much for sharing this. I didn’t see the connection before to these virgins in the Song of Songs.

      P.S. I’ll try to find the article and post it here in the comments if anyone wants to pursue it more.

      1. Here it is… “Parables..Not As We’ve Known Them”

  4. Wonderful post, Pam … thank you very much. It exudes anointing! Something we have been experiencing here is that when intimacy with the Lord is experienced, He invites us to come for cleaning and healing, and then we can love those who perhaps don’t share that intimate relationship with the Lord, and we won’t need to correct them or try to put them right.

    1. So true!

  5. Great post! From your post im seeing the virgins as those in this world who have yet to encounter our beautiful Lord. i love how you wrote that it is wooing & not winning. When others see who Jesus truly is, they cant help but fall deeply in love with Him! And they will see Him thru His Bride. Continuing from the last post…as we become more relational, recognizing the significance of each person that crosses our path, our 6th sense is recognized by all of the worldly 5 senses to those who dont yet know Him. We will look, smell, taste, sound & feel like His bride & they will be drawn to Him, too. So happy to be able to follow this study…can hardly wait for tomorrow’s..i just may ‘cheat’ & try to catch up. Love you, Pamela!!

    1. Great comment, Shelby. The Lord is truly irresistible! I know you share this hope for the ages to come, that “all” will be drawn into this great love.:) I love you too!

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