A Loop of Intimacy (Song 1:2)

Loop of Intimacy in the Song of Solomon“Behold”, He says, “I stand at the door and knock. If any one enters, we will have sweet communion together.” ~Rev 3:20

With eyes to see, we have before us a Door into a holy place. Before the burning bush, it was enough for Moses to take off his shoes. Before the burning passion of Jesus, as first displayed on the Cross, it is not enough to take off just the shoes. We want to know more than His words and precepts. We want to thoroughly know Him, and He Us, with nothing to separate us from a oneness together. Not even the distance between us and being with Him in His death. His death, we discover, is the door into the love chamber of heaven.

Song 1:2 “Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for your love is better than wine.”

Do you notice how the Song starts off immediately in the heat of intimacy? The sense I get from this is that when we enter the door of Christ through a personal receiving of His death as our death, we can trust that we are immediately in His embrace. Part of us enters heaven. Ephesians 2:6, “You are seated in heavenly places” is in the present tense.  Whether we see it all the time, and enjoy it all the time, does not take away the fact that it is true. How much we see it and enjoy it, however, is how useful we are to His purposes.

As it was for Jesus, there is no reproduction of His life to others until we too are past dead. When we enter the door of His death, we enter the chambers of intimacy. For that reason, we do not do the Lord’s work until we have been there, and know how to stay there long enough.

Can you imagine a Bride of Christ right now, collectively sharing a revelation that they are in heavenly places? And staying there long enough to experience His life filling them? How would it affect how this Bride treats the parts of her body? How she lives in this world and deals with everything that is thrown at her?

First and last words are important.

In verse 2, the opening words of the Song, the Bride is expressing intimate desires for her Beloved. “Kiss me,” she says. And in the last verse of the Song, she is expressing a longing for Him to hurry to her. “Make haste, run to me,” she says again. In-between there are passionate trysts of intimacy. There are also a few dark spells of searching, losing touch with the Beloved, and being hurt by others who do not love Him. It is painfully obvious that at times, her vision gets clouded. But she is His, and He is hers.

It is a glorious loop of intimacy, this Song!

Perhaps as we go through it we will see the distance between them lessening. :-)

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  1. Pam,
    Thank you, this is most excellent!

    We know the kisses of the flesh, of earthly desire, is that of Judas. But, the kisses of Him are heavenly kisses, which takes place in the heavenlies in Him. The Door of Heaven is open, the Spirit and the Bride are beyond the door, saying, “Come. . . Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for your love is better than wine.” The Kisses of Heaven’s Love is the Breath of Life ‒ Love’s ultimate intimacy. It is the Word upon our lips Who gives life, awakening the dead.

    1. Beautiful, Kat. You inspired me for the next post, and beyond.

      1. You all are just a bunch of love junkies, your hearts have been opened by a word that has sliced into the fabric of your heart and you are all being sewn with love songs into a beautiful tapestry that looks like Jesus — keep the conversation going. Lovingly Judy Trumpet

  2. to taste the Love of all Life, to have this ‘new wine’ in our ‘new wine skins’ is the breath of Life. and this is the true ‘sleeping beauty’ story, He awakens us to His Love, and everything is new

    • Shelby on 08/29/2013 at 5:43 pm
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    Jesus is my Hero, my Knight in shining armor! He rescued me so that I would know of His great love for me. He rescued me so that I could tell others of His great love for them. His love is deeper, wider, longer & higher than any mind can imagine. It multiplies, it increases & it goes on forever. Paraphrasing what Beth Moore once said. ‘I love my husband very much & I don’t want any other woman to love him like I do. I love Jesus even more than I love my husband, & I want every person to fall in love with Him at least as much as I have.’

    • Vinny0 on 09/13/2013 at 5:43 pm
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    WOW! This opens an exciting conversation that I feel will cause us to fall even further head over heels in love with LOVE. Isn’t He Lovely !? :-D

  3. “When we enter the door of His death, we enter the chambers of intimacy. For that reason, we do not do the Lord’s work until we have been there, and know how to stay there long enough”

    to ‘taste’ His wine is the death to our wine, and the death to us, in order to become One in Him, and a new ‘Us’

    • Marsela Sava on 12/16/2013 at 1:36 am
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    Looks like you have started a series on Song of Songs, and I was trying to find the beginning of this conversation, as The Lord had lead me to it recently as well, and became interested on your take, and I appreciate it. I have come to see this song as the believer’s heart journey into the high calling of love and intimacy with The Lord.
    So when I read the first verses, as we hear the voice of the bride speaking, I see her words express the ardent longing of her heart for a pledge of the Bridegroom’s love. This to me are the words of one who has been attracted by the Bridegroom, and longs for, yet lacks the assurance of his personal love. ” Let Him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth”, latter she will be assured, for she says ” His left hand is under my head, and his right hand does embrace me”. The preciousness of His Love and the excellence of His name, creates not only longing for the assurance of His love, but also the desire for His company” Draw me away”. I see so much of my own heart’s journey in this song, and I’m sure we all do. Thanks for starting this conversation, hope will tune in for your follow up posts.

    1. Dear Marsela, I am so glad that you have been led to this book as well. I believe the Lord intends to bring this book alive to His Bride in the last days, in a way that has not previously been understood relationally under the old paradigms of religion and law.

      As far as the first post in the conversation, I recently put all the posts in numerical order of posting. Under the SOS menu above, there is a new page titled “Full listing…”

      I look forward to hearing from you often. And thank you for sharing the riches below.


    • Marsela Sava on 12/17/2013 at 10:41 pm
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    Dear Pamela, I too believe that The Lord intends to reveal this book to His Bride in a living way, and it is so exciting because the great theme of this book is the Love of Christ. The Bridegroom and the bride are figures frequently used by the prophets in scripture to set forth this relationship. The Lord speaking through Isaiah says ” As the Bridegroom rejoices over His Bride, so will your God rejoice over you”. And through Hosea He says” I will allure her and bring her into wilderness and speak to her heart” and when her affections are awakened He can say to her ” I will betrothe you unto Me forever” ” I will betrothe you unto Me in righteousness, and in judgement, and in loving kindness and in mercies. I will betrothed you unto Me in faithfulness, and you shall know The Lord”. Hosea ( 2:14, 19, 20). In the Song of Songs there are this very wilderness experiences wherein The Lord speaks to the heart of His own. But while prophets are mainly concerned with the excercise of conscience, to bring the godly remnant to repentance, this book goes further and speaks of the excercise of the heart, and the awakening of the affections of the bride, by unfolding Christ’s devoted love, and the sweet affections He kindles in the heart of His own. There are many songs throughout scripture, songs that celebrate creation, songs of victory, songs of praise and thanksgiving, but this song is called The Song of Songs.
    Thanks for the full listing. Will check the posts. Looking forward to the conversation.

  4. Beautifully expressed Marsela

    • Marsela Sava on 12/18/2013 at 12:49 am
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    Thank you brother Jim,
    Love you!

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