“Love Among the Thorns” – In the Secret Garden Part 1

A Story From Song 1:15 – 2:2
The moment the Shulamite woman dreamed about had finally arrived, that one she waited for, and journeyed at such great risk to experience. King Solomon was standing with her and holding her hands, staring at her adoringly. They exchanged some words of praise at their appearance to each other, skipping small talk entirely. Neither one were ever much for small talk.

Then she saw it! Like a door into another world, she was directed by His eyes to a place He had prepared for her. It was a resting place of soft green grass surrounded on all sides by mature trees whose branches made a protective cross-like roof over her head. It was a secret garden where they could be together!
She said, almost breathlessly, surprised that such a lush place could exist in the wilderness, Behold, our bed! It is green! And the beams of our houses are cedar, and our rafters of cypress.”
Solomon was pleased. This woman not only noticed what He had did for her, but she saw his gift as a house, with a bed. But more importantly, she called it their house and their bed. This was a woman after His heart.

The Shulamite flashed a playful smile at Solomon, and backed into the garden, never taking her gaze off his. She sat down in the center, and then digging her fingers into the soft grass and throwing her head back, she breathed deeply while peering up into the sparkling canopy of branches and the deep blue sky beyond. She then turned to look again at Solomon who hadn’t moved from his spot.
“I am a flower,” the Shulamite said to him, smiling sweetly, “like a lily of the valley.”  She reached down and picked what appeared to be the only meadow flower in the grass, and put it in her hair.
Solomon gazed on her. “She has no idea,” he thought to himself. This woman was more than a pretty flower in a field to him. How could he express that?
He thought of the many other women in the palace back at Jerusalem, the ones he took as wives for diplomatic purposes, and the concubines he received from his father David.  It seemed their traditions and connections to blood family complicated their relationship with him.  He didn’t fully trust that any of those women would love him if he wasn’t wealthy, or a king. Tempermental, double-minded, and with ulterior motives for desiring his attention, to “pick” any of these women as a flower meant being pricked by a thorn.
He came closer, and knelt down next to her. He had tears in his eyes, and longing. “You, my beloved, are that, and more;” He replied, “You are a lily among thorns.”
The Shulamite knew what he meant, and her heart leaped inside her. All she ever wanted was Solomon. She remembered the advice of David to her early on,

O dear one, give thought and attention, and let your ear be open to my instruction, to no longer focus on your people, and the traditions and religion of your father’s house. So will the King have a great desire for you, and see how beautiful you are; because you make him your lord, and give him honor. Psalm 45:10-11

She took that advice seriously, and because of that she never fit in with the other women there, with all the religious politics and idle chatter.  She had to leave Jerusalem for that reason – because she loved Solomon.  And now, to have him see her heart, and come so far to be with her?  It was more than she could bear. She reached out, and slowly, and gently, pulled the King close.
…to be continued.

Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you. ~James 4:8
And as for the seed that fell among thorns,
these are the ones who, after they have heard, go on their way
but are choked with worries, riches, and the pleasures of life,
and thus produce no mature fruit.
  ~Luke 8:14



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  1. True Love is pure, without pretense, or a hint of contempt. True Love will penetrate your heart, True Love is thornless, True Love is…always True…Love

    1. Beautiful Jim. Pretense and contempt are really good descriptors of thorns!

  2. WOW! Best yet !
    Pam as I have said before” You are one in 7 billion” No others compare and in comparison “You are a lily among thorns.” This is the way the Lord see’s you and I fully agree with Him ! :-D
    If we all could come into His thought for us we would live and love so much differently.
    I pray now that We (His Beloved) See and own that. :-D

    1. Thanks Vinny, that is indeed His desire – that we all come into His thought for us!

    • Marsela Sava on 05/29/2014 at 12:34 am
    • Reply

    Pam, I love this post!
    “A lily among thorns”
    This woman is different than the other women, she is His kindred. She is suited for the King. And to have His lily, Christ had to descend into the valley of the thorns.

    Reminds me of the story of the OT, when Abraham ( The Father) instructs the “eldest servant” ( The Spirit) to secure the Bride for Isaac ( The Son).

    Consider the prayer of “the servant”. ” Behold here I stand by the well of water and the daughters of the men of the city are coming out to draw water. Now let it be that the young woman to whom I say ” please let down your pitcher that I may drink” and she says” drink and I will also give your camels a drink” let her be the one You have appointed……”
    So he asks for a little water for himself only. What does she say? ” drink my lord, I’ll give your camels a drink also…”
    further on he asks her ” tell me please, is there room in your father’s house for us to lodge”?
    her response, “not only room, but provision as well…”

    She is the one who goes the extra mile…. She had been marked by grace. Her heart is opened, there is room and provision for the “eldest servant”. The Spirit is welcomed, and given room to stay and work in her.
    And the “servant” had not even started yet to tell her about Isaac, his riches and the glory….we know how the story goes, how he kindles the affections of her heart for Him.
    But that’s who the Shulumite is, the one marked by grace, a heart opened and ready to Him, different than the other women. Truly “a lily among thorns”. Thanks Pam :)

    1. Marsela, there is tremendous insight into that story that you shared – I love the breakdown of Abraham, his servant, and Isaac and how that was brought out! The three of them were working together for a woman… who would carry the Seed. Love it! Thanks so much for taking the time to expound this.:)

    • Shelby on 05/29/2014 at 2:09 am
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    What a love story! Thanks for sharing this revelation of His love for her. Really something almost too wonderful to imagine!! PS i love you

    • Anonymous on 05/29/2014 at 1:45 pm
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    Beautifully written. Great post.

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