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dove-flyHow does one express love,
that is bursting inside,
with a force so fierce
that you barely abide?

Do you shout, do you dance,
do you quietly ache?
When you’re apart do you feel
your heart will just break?


Or do you write a poem?

This page is new – not yet published – but is here for those who wander upon it!  Please, if you have a “love poem” that you wrote to the Lord, would you share it here?  Sometime in the future the page will be published for more to read and contribute to.  For now, you have the floor!


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    • Jerry Sledge on 06/12/2014 at 9:49 pm
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    On Your Wedding Day

    This is not the best your love can be.

    Love will get better. Just wait you’ll see.

    When you’re with each other from dawn to dawn

    Time will pass and love grows on.

    Each new day is another chance

    To be with each other in love’s new dance.

    Expectations will try to change the tune

    When you get a mountain instead of the moon.

    Prayer will even the highs and lows.

    God will help you through life’s blows.

    In the end you can look back and see

    Your love is never the best it can be.

    Jerry Sledge

    • Jerry Sledge on 06/12/2014 at 9:52 pm
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    Prayer and Praise Mar 2001

    Prayer is the key and praise opens the gate.

    Petitions reach the throne and praise lifts the weight.

    Pray without ceasing as onward you go

    And praise in abundance will from your lips flow.

    Pray for each other let your needs be known,

    The Father will hear you from heavens throne.

    Be still as the Spirit speaks unto you

    Then praise the Father for what He will do.

    Prayer will make old things become new

    As praise makes them something special to you.

    Jerry Sledge

    Prayer Warrior Mar 2001

    As you beseech heaven’s throne

    Be assured you’re not alone.

    Multitudes around the globe

    Have put on their priestly robe

    Of righteousness and purity of heart

    Then into spiritual warfare they start

    To war against Satan’s lair

    Principalities and powers of the air.

    Fight on, gentle warrior of the Cross.

    Fight on counting all things but loss.

    Pray on through the night

    Carrying on the good fight.

    It’s not by your strength and power

    That gives victory in your prayer hour.

    Not by might nor power, says the Word.

    But by My Spirit says the Lord.

    Jerry Sledge

    Gentle Warrior Apr 2001

    Gentle warrior, lowly and meek,

    The will of the Father is what you seek.

    It’s the power of God that you’ll inherit.

    The power’s not your own but of the Spirit.

    The battle is won down on your knees

    When the power of the Spirit you release.

    Gentle warrior, mighty in battle,

    The gates of hell you will rattle

    When in the late night hours you pray on

    Indwelt by the power of God’s own Son.

    The title “Prayer Warrior” will be yours.

    All the promises of God Are open doors.

    Only this know and realize

    The battle’s not won by your size

    Jerry Sledge

  1. What a great idea, Pamela, sharing love poems here! :-) I could not help but take one of my favorites from my poetry page and copy and paste it. By the way, this poem was not written to Jesus, but to our lovely Daddy who loves us as much as Jesus does. ;-)


    There is a land not known before
    Where surging billows touch the shore
    Not loud and mighty as you’d think
    But soft and slightly on the brink

    Of a new life you could not see
    As long as you swam in the sea
    Of trouble, trial, and distress
    You thought that life was all a mess

    But suddenly and unforeseen
    There is the King who calls His Queen
    To leave the troubled sea behind
    And enter rest that’s God-designed

    You take her hand and draw her near
    Close to Your heart, she has no fear
    To touch You since You are her Man
    Who pleases her like God just can

    You stilled the waters, calmed the storm
    The air blows gentle, mild and warm
    No need is here to hide a thing
    Since all is bright, there is no sting

    Of death, of anger, wrath or strife
    Instead, here’s only love and life
    Your eyes so tender, warm and pure
    A gaze from You is like a cure

    That makes forget all ever done
    Your presence here shines like the sun
    Embraced by You for hours long
    Enjoying peace and love so strong

    That waters never ever quench
    Love’s liquid flames which like a drench
    Drown senses and awake what’s new
    In blissful hugs that come from You

    Much love,
    Susanne from Bavaria

    • Michael Clark on 12/16/2014 at 3:07 am
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    Pamela, here is a poem that I wrote a while back about this love God has put in my heart as He restore my First Love for Him and His saints.


    Oh, the love that flows deep from within,
    It is a gift which heaven alone could send!
    There was a time my heart lacked grace,
    But then all was changed by His loving embrace.

    He showed me the anger deep in my soul,
    And asked me to forgive both friend and foe.
    To be released of a burden that was once so great,
    And be found so blessed within this wondrous new state!

    Oh, the joys of loving all who come near,
    And no longer be ruled by hate and fear.
    What a burden it was to be God’s “right hand,”
    When it was not my job to take such a stand.

    It was mine rather to forgive and show His mercy so fair,
    To all who would ask what is this hope that I share.
    It is not mine to correct those with whom I do not agree,
    But rather His place to give me eyes which can see.

    Oh, Father, let me see clearly just as you do see,
    And not like the blind man who sees only partially.
    Men may be trees walking yet without hope,
    But they are called to your light though in darkness they grope.

    Your Son did not come to condemn men in their sin,
    But rather show them the way by a love which does win.
    To see them raised up to heaven’s high plane
    And put their faith only in Jesus’ great name.

    Oh, the wonders of a transformed new heart,
    Into this instrument of love, heaven’s work of art.
    Father don’t stop in me your work of grace,
    Until those who see me, behold Jesus’ sweet face.
    In His love,
    Michael Clark

  2. A Dream

    Through the cloud of peace,
    Beyond a place of earth and
    Over the treacherous peaks,
    Among a world of enchantments,
    Outside the entrapment of freedom,
    Throughout the mysteries of a waterfall,
    Above the shimmering stars,
    Lies the purist Love,
    In a world far above,
    Within the heavens is a wondrous place,
    Inside the mind of imagining faith,
    A dream is something that helps
    you through life,
    It’s a secret place where you can go
    to hide.

    Prepositional Poetry written when I was in my younger years… high school (2001). I have no idea what prepositional poetry is anymore but wow I’m inspired to learn more of where this came from. Hope it’s still locked safe somewhere deep inside.

    Nicole L Varga

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