“Just” a Woman …


I just returned home from a long traveling trip with my new husband, and although finding the time to “study” the Song of Songs continues to be hard, I take comfort that the Lord knows the place I am in life, and pursues me.  I need him so very much.

Last weekend I felt …

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Taking the napkin off the Banana Bread – and the reality of the real “Us.”

Do you believe in Me, even after what you see?

Blessed are you they who are not offended in Me. . It’s been so long since writing here on the blog – I hope it doesn’t come over as too shocking. :-) Many of you know the wind of change that blew through here last …

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The Gift of Raspberries


I visited my garden the other day, feeling a little bit like a failure. In a season that should be abounding, I could barely find anything that hadn’t been eaten up by bugs or killed off by choking weeds.  Now the fact is, I have been very busy with a new adventure.  So it’s …

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Opening A Peony Bloom

This is another “ant trail” that is a little off the verse-by-verse study of the Song, but I want to share something really cool that I saw. For those who know, I live next door to my Mom, and she has (which came with her house) a lot of flower gardens that need tending. I …

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“Love Among the Thorns” – In the Secret Garden Part 1

The moment the Shulamite woman dreamed about had finally arrived, that one she waited for, and journeyed at such great risk to experience. King Solomon was standing with her and holding her hands, staring at her adoringly. They exchanged some words of praise at their appearance to each other, skipping small talk entirely. Neither one were ever much for small talk.

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