An Introduction to the Song of Songs Conversation

heart-musicThe Song, as in, ‘THE’ Song, is a book in the Bible that is an uninhibited conversation put to music, between two people in love.   It is also one that Jay Ferris began to excitedly expound on in the weeks before his surgery, first by email and then in person with myself and a few who were with him.  It was a heavenly conversation that wasn’t finished before he went to be with The Lord.  With profound honor for what he started, it will now be taken up again.
How easy will it be to stay on track?  The Parable of Sex is dangerous territory when approached with a fleshly mind.  It is largely just not discussed at all, and that because of religious repression and guilt.  The safe and desirable thing to do is get to the point and stay there, and that is that everything, including physical intimacy, is about Christ and the Church, Ephesians 5:32.  We need each other to help get to, and stay in this revelation, as there is a constant warfare against it.  I feel bombarded in my own life all the time.
We are familiar with the warning of ‘leaving our first love,’ Rev. 2:4.  This confirms what Jesus said would be a sign of the last days, “the love of most would grow cold,” Matthew 24:12.  How can we keep this from happening to us?  Jesus advised to, “Repent, and do the first works,” Rev.2:5.   The question then remains, What are the things we do when we are first in love?
I look forward to discussing and living in the reality of these things in Christ, with you, as we begin to explore the riches of this book together.

In Love!

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    • Maidena Young on 08/04/2013 at 7:09 pm
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    This could be a very deep subject once we get it going! I would love to hear a good teaching on The Song, and be a part in the discussion! Wish Jay was here to lead it!! However, I think you, Pam, will be a great substitute for him! Let’s get this thing going!!

    1. Yes, I miss Jay so much, more than words can convey. Thank you for your enthusiasm for the conversation, Maidena. Blessings to you.

    • Anonymous on 08/04/2013 at 7:10 pm
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    So looking forward to this!

    • Jeffrey Tinkel on 08/04/2013 at 7:11 pm
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    Yes Indeed! But respectfully disagree on the part about the substitute. The essence of who she is has more to do with Spiritual DNA, for which there is no substitute.

    It is as Good as “Gold” and is the Real Thing!

    On that note, looking forward to that ongoing Conversation with Eager Expectation!

  1. Wow! In the last few weeks, He has brought so much to mind about sex. With some of the things He has brought to light, I have begun seeing so many more human interactions as “sex.” It’s that full, mutual, unreserved and unrestrained giving of oneself for the delight of another, while that other in turn does the same.

    I see it in things as seemingly meager as what a couple decides to eat for dinner. The counterfeit — or, the expression “without” Christ — is fearful, fleshful people-pleasing or guesswork with no true communication or communion involved.

    I wish I could write more but my eyelids are getting heavy!

    1. As far as human interactions, and knowing the Church is the Bride of Christ, I am reminded of Paul illustrating us as parts of this body. The parts interact with each other through the Spirit – not in knowing one another after the flesh, but in ‘knowing’ Christ. No part is uninvolved, insignificant, or not needed.

      Thanks for your comment, Brittany. Your blog is lovely, by the way :)

    • Daniel Hernandez on 08/05/2013 at 7:14 pm
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    I am so there please don’t stop now ears perked

    • Lisa Weger on 08/05/2013 at 7:15 pm
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    The chemistry is so strong… the attraction so great. You can’t NOT do it. I see this as the ongoing flow between the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The ongoing Love affair that we get to partake in. Learning how to participate in it without spinning off into flesh, even with one another in the Spirit, is, from what I can tell, what we’re here to learn to do. That can only come from being in His Spirit, governed by it, by His DNA. I don’t know how to have a “doctrinal” conversation about the throes of Passion. And it’s difficult to talk about the throes of Passion without being misinterpreted. It might be best to have these conversations with those who the Father puts together in particular, like Jesus with His disciples. Where He could talk with them in private and fully explain things. Jay often didn’t breach conversations on topics unless there was a significant amount of time to come out on the other side… time to chew on things together without losing connection with one another. Time for the Spirit to make known what He intended for the conversation. My hope for this conversation is to enter with that mindset of seeing it thru.

  2. Jesus is looking for more than an empty religious commitment. When we repent and dedicate ourselves to him, the word picture we need to see is that it should be more than the idea of signing a contract to get a loan for a car or a house. We need to think in terms of becoming betrothed to Him. We need to be willing to enter a spiritual relationship where we learn devotion, loyalty and alacrity to Him. We must over time learn to be sensitive to His Spirit and allow him to mature us. We must avoid becoming bonded to a religious leader or a denomination instead of Jesus Himself. We must avoid submitting to a religious system. We must learn to focus on Jesus and develop unconditional love to our brothers and sisters in the Kingdom. In other words, we need to see our relationship with Jesus, and secondarily, to each other, as a reality, not merely a mystical religious concept.

    If we are not afraid to see the spiritual lessons for the saints within the Kingdom, in the pages of the Song of Solomon, our eyes will be opened. While there is a message for husbands and wives in the Song of Solomon, there is a separate but linked lesson, of great importance, for the Body of Christ as well. If we can overcome our fear and awkward emotions of issues which may arise for us as we read that book, we may very well start the spark that fuels the fire which will bring about a revolution within the Kingdom where many children mature to the point that a generation of powerful Christians will emerge that by their love and wisdom and spiritual power in Jesus will have an incredible impact that will rock the world. The darkness is coming. The more we mature in Jesus, the more our light will shine in that darkness.

  3. Wow! How deep is His love? More than we can even begin to comprehend. I am looking forward to more of this conversation.

  4. when my wife and I were dating, and both of us had suffered through the pain of divorce, were cautious at first, the wounds that had happened a few years prior were reminders to ‘be careful’.

    soon we found ourselves in a ongoing conversation, lunch dates turned to evening meals, turned to long conversations, turned to passion, and passion turned to love and beautiful intimacy. we were in love, captivated and in many ways intoxicated with one another. we shared the beauty of love as often as we could, this was something we both desired, and needed, to be completely vulnerable, and to trust one another, to see that nothing would or could come between us. the bond we shared was true and this unlocked our troubled hearts in a way like never before. love loves to love, it is the deepest human passion, it is the most beautiful expression of ‘one anothering’ we now often reflect back on this, and it always expresses love.

    all human conditions are shadows, and this passion we shared, this embrace, the time together, and the bond that was and is established is a picture, an image to convey to us His passion, His desire to be a Lover. His desire is to Love us and to express this Love ‘in’ His ‘way’ so we are smitten by His Love. we then as Lovers in training with His pure Love move to a spiritual plane. we learn to express this Love to one and all, always through Him, by Him, and in the same purity that it was received it is given. you cannot share what you do not have, but when He has His way with you, and you have truly been ‘wrecked’ by Love you can no longer move, you are in need of a new ‘vehicle’ and this is only found ‘in’ Him. Love becomes a ‘way’ of Life, and we find depth to all relationships, and all people. we move as Love moves us, we speak as Love prompts us, we become powered by Love, and nothing will come between us and Love, we are so thoroughly, melted together it is seamless. Love knows how to Love, and this is the ‘key’ for all humanity to ‘see’ and taste and find it fits beautifully. this is why we are here to Love like God, and Love we will for this is His will.

    “Let me give you a new command: Love one another. In the same way I loved you, you love one another. This is how everyone will recognize that you are my disciples—when they see the love you have for each other.”

    • Shelby on 08/29/2013 at 7:19 pm
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    I found a new phrase…alacrity in Him. Love it & SO looking forward to what will be revealed in this study. Pamela, your beautiful, sweet, humble spirit shines wherever you are. Thanks for making sure Jay’s heart is continuing to be seen & Jesus’ intentions are continuing to be unveiled. Love you!

    1. Thank you to both Jim, and you Shelby, for sharing this journey. Ha, you sent me to the dictionary with ‘alacrity’! And I thought I knew everything…NOT! :-)

    • vinny0 on 09/26/2013 at 12:36 pm
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    As he is the King of Kings so is the Song of Songs THE Song of ALL Songs !
    Don’t think “Great commission” Think “Great Passion” True Intimacy ! :-D

  5. “Repent, and do the first works“, Rev.2:5 The question then remains, What are the things we do when we are first in love?”

    a ‘fire’ must be tended to in order to burn, if Love is a fire, then may we burn with Him tending our ‘fire’. we need one another, we are brought together for a time such as this, may we learn how to Love, and in this to learn how to Love one another as we have been Loved, by Love Himself.

    “As we grow old, may it be told, that we,
    never lost our flame
    If love’s a fire, Then our desire, is to burn,

    Everyday and night
    Together we will grow
    Makin’ the most of a life
    As we hold each other close”

    Josh Garrels “Million Miles”

    1. Yes, a fire must be tended – that’s true. And the burning logs must stay close together. :-) As always, thank you for reading and sharing, Jim.

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