“Love Among the Thorns” – In the Secret Garden Part 1

The moment the Shulamite woman dreamed about had finally arrived, that one she waited for, and journeyed at such great risk to experience. King Solomon was standing with her and holding her hands, staring at her adoringly. They exchanged some words of praise at their appearance to each other, skipping small talk entirely. Neither one were ever much for small talk.

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Ants, and the Intimate Kingdom

“The men were stacked like a ladder on top of each others’ shoulders. The commentator said the picture symbolized all the lives lost throughout history to reach the highest peaks of the world…” And I was captivated. This is a parable of the Intimate Kingdom!

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The Bed of Heaven (Song 1:16-17)

Look at you! How beautiful you are, my beloved, and how charming! Our bed is green! Song 1:16
I find it intriguing that when the Shulamite woman is in the garden returning the gaze of her beloved that she at first sees his beauty, and then immediately a bed. She obviously saw what he is thinking! :-) But this is no ordinary bed. The first thing she notices is that it is green.

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G.I. Jane and the Bridal Paradigm

Explaining movie plots is so not my skill, but I just watched one called “G.I. Jane” that was inspiring to me, and I’d like to try to share something I saw in it pertaining to the Bride of Christ.  Along with some other encouragement from the Lord and others, it has energized me to wade back into the waters of the Song.  Forgive me …

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