Among the Lilies

Do you have a favorite flower?  If you do, I think there is a reason for it.  It might be something that our Creator planted in your heart, as to a certain quality He wants you to think of whenever you see that flower!

The Daylily has been a favorite of mine as long as I can remember.  Up here in N.Y., it is a wild orange flower that appears in late summer and often noticed along roadsides. Did you know that the Daylily is edible and nutritious, too?  The flowers can be dipped in a pancake batter and made into a fritter – or the buds (before they open) can be cooked and eaten like green beans.  I’ve had the latter before, and I really like them!   The Chinese have been eating them for centuries, including the tubers which I haven’t tried yet.

Someday if things get really tough for you and I in our world – the Daylily just may be one of those flowers that we appreciate more (and eat of) for survival.

Another unique quality of the Daylily is that it’s a very prolific seed-propagator, but very delicate in nature and short-lived. In fact the Daylily is aptly named.  Its flower blooms for approximately one day only before it shrivels up and dies.  So if you see one of them blooming – be appreciative of it.  Let it remind you of the shortness of your physical life, and to make it count!

The Bible mentions lilies in a bunch of places, including the Song of Songs.  The most notable is when Jesus compared the beauty of lilies to Solomon’s robes, and reminds us not to stress about our outward appearance, such as clothes.  God’s provision is our shining beauty – not what we provide ourselves by toil and worry!

Another common reference in the Bible is the “lily of the valley” in the Song of Songs, which is a name usually attributed to Christ.  Which is great, however, I believe in context it is a reference for His Bride, as well as the one that calls her a “lily among thorns.” See  (Song 2:1,2)

Now I doubt that the lilies in the Bible is the same as our Daylily.  “Lilies” is actually a family name of many beautiful flowers, some of which are edible and some which are not.  However in the Song of Songs, there is a passage about the Beloved “feeding among the lilies,” Song 2:16, which may mean they were edible – or possibly surrounding edibility.  Either way… I personally believe that we are the field of lilies that the Lover of our soul grazes in.  He enjoys us and finds us satisfying!

(Therefore can it not be said “beloved, enjoy one another,” as well?)

P.S.  All of this was inspired by a poem that I found, written when I was in my late 20’s, I believe!  I didn’t remember how much I was affected by the divine song even back then.  I miss it.  I’ll be back.

Among the Lilies 

In the field of lilies
was the first time I saw You,
when you were quietly grazing,
among the sparkling dew.

I remember you saw me,
and lifted your head,
and bounded away
towards the Mountains of Red.

Then you stopped, and turned,
and looked right through me.
And I trembled with fear
at what you must see.

But then you called out,
“Come let us run together!”
And You leapt through the mountains
as light as a feather.

It was at that moment
my life began anew,
when I bounded through the lilies
to follow after You.



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