Being Gazed Upon – An Intro to Song 1:5-7

black …I am black, and comely, O daughters of Jerusalem, as the tents of Kedar, as the curtains of Solomon. Don’t see me only as dark, because the sun has looked upon me this way. My mother’s children burned in anger with me; they made me guard the vineyards; but I have not guarded my own. Tell me, you whom my soul loves, where do you go to feed your flocks? Where do you take them at noontime for rest?  Why should I be as one that is veiled by the flocks of your companions? Song 1:5-7 .
There is a striking difference in the nature of verses 5-7 above, where the Shulamite woman is talking about her skin color, her past, and being separated from her Beloved, with the preceding verses already discussed that picture a secure and almost idealistic relationship.  I don’t think it’s a stretch to see the first 4 verses of the Song as more ‘visionary’; of an intimate relationship in the Kingdom that is “seated in the heavenlies.”  [If you haven’t read my interpretive “opera” version of these verses, it is here].  In the Spirit we are already there, enjoying covenantal marriage, consummation, and ruling and reigning with Him.
But when it comes down to life on earth, however, and how the finished work of Christ plays out in our soul and physical bodies, there are tears and pain.  For with intimacy comes exposure, and when the Lord in His consuming glory begins to gaze deeply into our eyes desiring more, first personally and then through the eyes of others in His body, His light begins to penetrate every nook and cranny.  He is very ‘visual’ this way, and He wants to enjoy us in the light. This part becomes very challenging for us, however, and there is a tendency to ‘abort’ or sabotage this kind of relationship.  Fears rise up, memories haunt us, and we can be overwhelmed with His intensity to the point of pulling away, or doing something to “make ourselves more beautiful.”
I believe we can assume this happened to the Shulamite at some point, and that the verses above weren’t the first time she was reminded of her blemishes, which then caused her to reminisce about her past.  It certainly adds to the challenges that she and the King do not appear to live together (for reasons not given, but is highly symbolic), and that for the time being they must secretly rendezvous in places in order to be together.
In the next post we are going to take a closer look at the Shulamite woman, her ‘secret life’ of abuse, regrets, love, and her response to it all.  For me it’s been a very moving experience to know her personally.  I think you’ll understand more soon.
Being gazed upon,


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  1. Wow, that is excellent. I can certainly relate due to my blemishes from the abuse I incurred as a child. Now I know My Beloved accepts and loves me no matter what I endured and was scarred by

  2. Such great insight Pamela, thank you very much for writing this. What a beautiful gift to gaze, and be gazed upon!

  3. Dear Pamela
    What a great post, thank you! Yes, you are so correct with your post that we all as part of our Beloved, need to weed the garden of our hearts, before the fruit He has planted will be able to grow and breathe. Only when His Life becomes the eternal fountain of our lives, will we experience this intimacy. Yet, whilst still in this body, we will never taste the complete freedom for which our Lord has set us free!
    Blessings XX

  4. I am watching you ! and can’t wait to gaze upon the next post. You leave me in eager antici………………………………………………………………………………pation. :-D

  5. Thank you all for your encouraging comments :-)

  6. The theme of staying present in the present, and staying present in His presence has been reiterated time & time to me recently. That is what im taking away from this post. Oh, believe me, ive got plenty of distractions from my past, but this post helps me realize that each & every one of us does & that re-visiting all of that could really only take away from our intimacy with Him because what we have done in our past has very little to do with our identity & our position with our Groom.

    Also recently ive been given insight on the subject of being exposed verses being revealed. Both add information yet one tears down & brings death, while the other builds up & brings life.

    Being vulnerable in the hands of one who has proven to be honorable & trustworthy is very different from being vulnerable to a stranger, or worse–someone who has shown contempt in the past. This is getting quite interesting! Thanks for inviting me, it has been an honor & i can hardly wait for the next post!

    1. Shelby, Several days ago a mutual one we know shared with me something you said here in your comment, about the difference between being exposed and being revealed. I immediately resonated with that as having something big to unfold. Please share more sometime as you get more download, or if you have more! I so appreciate your comments here today and on the other posts. Love you!

  7. To’see’ and be ‘seen’ in The Lord is revealing. This is where Love looks into the eyes of Love and ‘sees’ the ‘treasure’ ‘in’ jars of clay. This is also no longer regarding one another according to the flesh, and to ‘see’ one another ‘in’ the Spirit. This is from my vantage point is the intent, and purpose of His ministry of reconciliation. For us here and now to ‘see’ Him in our fellow saints, and for them to ‘see’ us likewise. In this there is a deeper revealing of who we are, and who our fellow saints are. To ‘see’ them clothed in beauty, clothed in Love, clothed in His righteousness. This revealing is from my vantage point, what the whole creation is waiting upon. (Rom. 8:19). As we ‘see’ one another ‘in’ Christ, we are seeing the reality of John 17 as our reality, our identity. In doing so, we are lifted up ‘in’ Him, and we are given the ability to “Love as we have been Loved”, and this seems to be the crux of the matter for us to grasp at this time.

    Yes there is a vast difference from being exposed, when compared to being revealed, One the exposed is of the flesh, and has the aroma of death, and judgement, the revealing has the fragrance of Jesus Christ, and is of Life and Love.

    Thank you Pam, and Shelby for your beautiful expression of Life.

  8. Reveal, unveil, impart, tell, announce, proclaim, the drawing away of the veil, and all done in Love

    “For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed.”
    Romans 8:19

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