Lingering Fragrance

Perhaps it is good that there has been a delay since the last post. Not just because it took time to move this conversation from to this new website. But also to have time to linger – take in – more that can be appreciated in the anointing of Jesus. One thing that has struck me since writing the last post on this subject was to understand more fully how His anointing has repercussions in the spirit realm¹.  Essentially the root of all spiritual warfare is tied to the anointing of Jesus. He is THE Anointed One, and there is no other².  We are nothing without Him, and together we are everything with Him.  Not submitting to the anointing of Christ and going straight for the Father’s anointing and the Father’s throne has been the heart of the anti-Christ spirit throughout the ages right up until now.  It is also the foundation for all religion, including what is largely passing for Christianity and ‘leadership’ today.
Occasionally I think it’s good to stop and “smell the rose” in this truth lest we any of us fall short of the blessing and inheritance of the Kingdom of God.  I can’t think of all the stories off-hand (perhaps others can help) but there are some in the life of David that picture this. One that stands out is Adonijah², who tried to manipulate David’s throne when it was promised to Solomon. When Adonijah couldn’t get that, he sought another possible way, or symbol to power – Abishag, who by rights would be given to the next king in line. Who as we know was Solomon, who is also the lover in the parable of the Song of Songs.

Just some things to whet our appetite for the journey ahead… :-)

¹I John 4:1-2, ²Phil 2:9,, ³1 Kings 1 & 2

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  1. To view The Kingdom of God in the future tense at the expense of the present tense is to ignore Christ today while hoping for Him tomorrow.

    Christ’s Kingdom is here today ‘in’ those vessels that allow His dominion, or rule.

    ‘may His Kingdom come and may His will be accomplished in our ‘earth’ as it is in Heaven’

    • Hope on 09/25/2013 at 6:12 pm
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    Present tense, I think that’s where we miss it. We think it’s all in the future when it’s NOW! What blessings are we missing because of that idea?

  2. Yes! We,as Sons and Daughters of The Living God, need not to be decieved by the many false teachers of todays “professed learned men and woman of God”. Kingdom Living takes a Real Faith given to us by God Himself as we cry out and pursue Our Lord.

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