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  1. Thank you Pam, for being so sensitive to the lead of His Spirit… and right, if you abandon yourself and give yourself with ALL you are into His love, this love is going to kill you! But there is no more beautiful way to die than this one!
    This love is restless. Words alone aren’t sufficient. There is this unquenchable urging to express itself, It has to break through the veil of the flesh… and has to become the source of ALL we live on.

    1. Even though we’ve never met, Markus, ‘meeting you’ online, and in heart, at the beginning of this Song journey has been more than just coincidental. I have no words for it. Bless you and thank you.

    2. Spot on, Markus. Amen!

  2. Oneness ! :-D unfold that a little more. what does that look like to you?

  3. I too have had such peace about this ‘two or three’ in the last couple of years. With us, it started off with two, and has changed to three in the last year, and there is such unity and peace about it. Unless the Lord adds, we will do nothing to search for more. He is teaching us so much.

    1. This is exactly where my wife and I are at. We have suffered through the waiting, but like you, we will not do the adding. Just recently He has shown us that He is bringing others. Oh, to wait on His perfect provision! Jamal’s recent blog talks about this.

      1. Amen, Paul. How much time we have wasted in the past, trying to add people WE thought would fit. How wrong we were.

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